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Completing this online Enquiry Form sends your enquiry to the Commissioner’s Enquiry Officer.  Making an Enquiry is not the same as making a complaint.  If you want to make a complaint, please click here.

Please carefully read this Fact Sheet, which explains important information about what the Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner does and doesn’t do.

If you are concerned about a lawyer’s conduct and / or fees, you may contact an Enquiry Officer who will endeavour to tell you whether your concerns are something that the Commissioner can deal with under the Act.  The Commissioner’s office cannot provide legal advice – which means that our Enquiry Officer cannot give you a second opinion about your lawyer’s legal advice, or tell you if their fees are reasonable.  If you have concerns about a lawyer that you would like the Commissioner to consider, you may make a complaint.

Before making your enquiry or complaint to the Commissioner, you should particularly note the following about the Commissioner’s role:

  • You may be able to resolve your concerns directly with your lawyer.  You should talk to your lawyer, or the firm's managing partner, about your concerns before contacting our Enquiry Line or making a complaint.
  • The Commissioner cannot award you compensation.  If you believe that your lawyer has been negligent and you wish to receive compensation, you should obtain independent legal advice.  The Legal Services Commission has a free legal help line that can be contacted on 1300 366 424.   
  • The Commissioner cannot provide legal advice or representation. 
  • The Commissioner cannot intervene in court proceedings, or change an order that has already been made by a Court.
  • The Commissioner cannot prevent your lawyer from suing you for their fees or from taking other court action against you.
  • The Commissioner cannot refer you to a lawyer or make any recommendations as to who you should instruct.
  • A complaint about a lawyer’s conduct must be made to the Commissioner within 3 years of the conduct occurring.  A complaint about overcharging must be made to the Commissioner within 2 year of the final bill to which the complaint relates.  In either case, the Commissioner has a discretion to allow a longer period within which a complaint can be made. 

Our Enquiry Line is open during the following times:

  • Monday: 1pm - 4pm

  • Wednesday: 1pm – 4pm

  • Friday: 1pm – 4pm

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