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Anyone can make a complaint to the Commissioner about a lawyer practising in South Australia

A complaint can be about a lawyer’s conduct, or the fees charged.

A complaint will usually be made by the lawyer's client, but it can also be made by a third party who is otherwise impacted by the lawyer's conduct or fees, or by another lawyer. 

  • Complaint process

    The Commissioner recives approximately 350 complaints per year.  Not all complaints will result in investigations.

  • Investigation process

    Complaints cover a wide range of conduct.  As a consequence, the investigation process needs to be flexible.

  • Outcomes

    The Commissioner has power to take a broad range of disciplinary action directly, or to lay charges in the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal or the Supreme Court.

  • Legal Professional privilege

    Whether legal professional privilege applies will depend upon the nature of the investigation.  There are statutory provisions which might require production in spite of legal professional privilege.