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Speak safely

Speak safely

In response to the underreporting of bullying, harassment and discrimination highlighted in the Equal Opportunity Commission report into the legal profession, the Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner has launched a free on-line reporting tool for lawyers and others working in the legal profession to anonymously report instances of inappropriate personal behaviour.  If you do not feel comfortable identifying yourself, you can log a report using our online reporting tool by clicking here .

If you make a report using Speak safely, your report will go directly to the inappropriate personal conduct team.  Some key benefits of using Speak safely are:

  • You can remain anonymous throughout this process or provide contact details if you wish (you can also switch from one to the other as you please before submitting your report).
  • There is a ‘quick exit’ button within the reporting tool that you can click to quickly leave the site if you are concerned about someone looking over your shoulder.
  • A list of support services is provided if you need assistance or support.
  • You can skip any questions to submit your report at any time.
  • You can select whether you want to be contacted or not, and your preferred method of communication.
  • Anyone can make a report; either the person who experienced the harassment or a third party or witness.
  • There is a free text area where you can tell your story in your own words. You can provide as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable.
  • If you are not sure what to write, there are some helpful prompts to assist you. You can upload supporting documents and evidence directly into the system.
  • You maintain control over how the matter progresses.

If you make a confidential or anonymous report:

  • You may decide later to lodge a formal complaint.
  • Your matter is finalised but your report may inform education/training or help us monitor hotspots of inappropriate conduct. Your information does not get released without your consent.

The data collected through Speak safely will, in part, guide further steps to be taken to combat inappropriate personal behaviour. Anyone who has experienced sexual harassment, discrimination or bullying in the legal profession, but who is unwilling to make a formal complaint, is encouraged to use Speak safely.

For more detail on inappropriate personal conduct and for complaint and reporting options click here.