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Anyone can make a complaint to the Commissioner about a lawyer practising in South Australia. 

A complaint can be about a lawyer’s conduct, or the costs they charge.

A complaint will usually be made by the lawyer's client, but it can also be made by a third party who is otherwise impacted by the lawyer's conduct or fees. 

  • Before making a complaint

    Have you tried to resolve your concerns with the lawyer?  There are steps you should consider taking before making a complaint.

  • Making a complaint

    To be investigated, complaints must be made in writing and meet certain requirements, including providing your name.

  • Our complaint processes

    If you cannot resolve your concerns with the lawyer, we can carry out a formal investigation.  An investigation is a search for the facts; it may not result in disciplinary action being taken.

  • Outcomes

    At the end of an investigation, the Commissioner will make a 'determination'.  A determination is a legally enforceable decision and may require the lawyer to remedy your complaint.