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Making an appeal

If you have the right to appeal a decision of the Commissioner, then the appeal will be to the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

An appeal must be lodged within one month of the Commissioner's final decision. Only in special circumstances will an extension of time be granted and this is at the discretion of the Tribunal.

To appeal a decision, you will need to use a specific form that is available from the Tribunal.  You can contact the Tribunal on 8204 8425 or via email for more information about how to make an appeal and the appeal process.


After making an appeal

Once the appeal has been filed, the appellant will most likely have to serve the appeal on:

  • the Commissioner, and 
  • the complainant

A directions hearing date will then be set and the appellant will be required to attend the hearing.


Appeal assistance

  • Independent legal advice

When considering an appeal against a decision made by the Commissioner or the Tribunal, it may be useful to seek independent legal advice first.

  • Other avenues of complaint

The Ombudsman SA may consider a complaint about any administrative action or inaction by the Commissioner under the Act.